The Connection Between Roll Trailer and Tractor

The gooseneck is the connection between the roll trailer and the tractor and can, depending on the design and the operating conditions, either be detachable or fixed mounted to the roll trailer.

SEACOM offers two types of tractor goosenecks: SH 36 (36 tons) and SH 45 (45 tons). They are determined by the lifting capacity of the tow tractor.

We also offer special designs like the hook-type gooseneck HK 40, which has a special hook coupling device.

One of the main advantages of using SEACOM goosenecks lies in the possibility of placing detached goosenecks into a parking stand and thus being able to use tow tractors and roll trailers for other transport tasks. SEACOM roll trailers and goosenecks are being used in the industry to transport a variety of goods of different weights. Nowadays payloads of up to 200 tons and more are very common. For payloads between 10 and 30 tons our gooseneck type GSH is the most suitable equipment. This gooseneck can be operated with a commercial forklift truck.