Seacom Trailer Systems GmbH - Transport systems for industry and ports

SEACOM is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty transport systems for the industry and ports and is your reliable partner worldwide. SEACOM stands for quality, reliability, durability and accuracy. Our innovative products are state of the art and the highly trained staff in our own manufacturing plant ensures quality assurance.

Decades of experience with lots of tried and tested designs, together with fresh ideas and good communication with partners and customers are the basis for our success and customer satisfaction.



Transport of very hot coils ( up to 750°C)

These roll trailers are equipped with coil beds for four coils (max Ø 2.1 m), and are designed to...


10 Roll trailer 150 tons with integrated weighing system

Seacom delivers 10 weighing-roll trailers with 150 t payload to stell millWith the weighing system,...


Self-propelled platform truck 55 tons with lifting capability

The Seacom self-propelled platform truck 55 tons is used for the internal transport of catenary,...


Transport of prefab concrete

This roll trailer with a payload of 70 tons and a length of 21.5 m was designed for the transport...

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