Transport of very hot coils ( up to 750°C)


These roll trailers are equipped with coil beds for four coils (max Ø 2.1 m), and are designed to withstand temperatures up to 750° C.Read more here

10 Roll trailer 150 tons with integrated weighing system


Seacom delivers 10 weighing-roll trailers with 150 t payload to stell millWith the weighing system, the scrap mixture for the crucible can be precisely determined and controlled.Read more here

Self-propelled platform truck 55 tons with lifting capability


The Seacom self-propelled platform truck 55 tons is used for the internal transport of catenary, radio and high masts. The platform truck has electric drive (with service brake) and multi-way steering, and can lift the load with...Read more here

Transport of prefab concrete


This roll trailer with a payload of 70 tons and a length of 21.5 m was designed for the transport of large prestressed concrete slabs.Read more here

Transport of scrap metal


With this special tipping roll trailer, 20 ft containers can be transported and lifted in order to dump scrap metal.Read more here

Tipping trailers with extra large buckets for steel mill


Two Seacom tipping trailers are used to transport steel scrap in a steel mill. Equipped with extra large buckets with a capacity of 120 m³, 100 tons of steel can be safely transported and unloaded.Read more here

Roll trailer with 180 tons payload for foundry


For very heavy loads: Seacom delivers a roll trailer with 180 tons payload to a foundry. Lighter goods can be handled with the 120 tons roll trailer that was also delivered.Read more here

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