Protecting the coils during transportation


Seacom has delivered 7 roll trailers (80 tons) to a logistic center. The roll trailers are equipped with coil beds where the coils can be securely transported. To protect the coils against the weather and dirt, they are...Read more here

Tipping trailers for steel plant


10 Seacom tipping trailers are needed to transport steel scrap at a steel manufacturing plant. The trailers have a payload of up to 62 tons  and can transport up to 85 m³ scrap in the buckets. Equipment: Hydraulically...Read more here

Transport of hot forging blocks


Custom made roll trailers for steel work: Seacom delivers two 130 t roll trailers, which are designed to transport 50 t forging blocks. The hot blocks are shielded by specially manufactured insulating hoods.Read more here

Heavy duty trailer for steel mill


Example of a heavy duty trailer for the transport of steel mill equipment and machinery. The roll trailer is equipped with a 35 mm steel plate cover, head board, tool boxes and foldable stanchions. Loading capacity is 70 t.Read more here

Delivery of lifting and tipping trailer (35t) for the steel industry


A manufacturing plant for additives for the steel industry will take delivery of a new Seacom lifting and tipping trailer (35t) together with several cassettes with buckets. Read more here

Lift mover 135 tons


Seacom delivers lift movers 135 tons to a steel mill. The lift movers are equipped with 12 oscillating steering axles that provides a uniform ground pressure through the hydraulic axle load regulating system.The lift mover are...Read more here

Roll trailer 120 tons for the internal transport of coils


Coils with a diameter up to 2,200 mm can safely be transported on the sturdy Seacom roll trailers. The coil beds are removable.Read more here

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